End of February

Hello! Pardon my absence from posting but February has been a long, dark and cold month. I have done ok though, health goal wise and spirit wise. Work is falling into place. Still stressful but getting better each day. Health goal wise, I want to step it up and meet my goals, but I’m strugglingContinue reading “End of February”


Welcome welcome all! Today I’m introducing the promo for my at-home work out series: Movin’ and Groovin’ with Kay Jay! Check out the video below:

Warming Up

Y’all – this time is just the preparation for what comes next – I am feeeeeeelin’ it! I’m also so so so cold, so I’m finding “warming” analogies to not feel so frozen. But, really. I’m making preparations for the rest of this year – whatever it holds. I’m writing a musical. I’m lining upContinue reading “Warming Up”

Hitting a Rough Patch

Good morning you beautiful human you! Unless this is a cat reading this. In which case, you beautiful feline you. I’m having a really rough week emotionally. For about the last 10ish days, I’ve been feeling trapped, antsy, and on a trigger with my emotional outbursts. So much of it comes from the fact thatContinue reading “Hitting a Rough Patch”


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