A New Day

Hello! I’ve had a brief hiatus from blogging and vlogging. This past year and a half has been challenging for everyone. But throughout it all Kay Jay and I kept setting goals, kept pushing through. We knew this would pass and we wanted to come out of it with some growth. Even though it mayContinue reading “A New Day”


Today’s Daily Reflections “Where alcohol has been involved, we have been strangely insane” -Alcoholics Anonymous page 38 When I was still drinking I would fight all day in my head about whether I was going to drink again. I was in constant battle with myself. I would debate in my head how I don’t wantContinue reading “Insanity”

More Room

(TW: Body Image, Dieting, Calorie Counting) Ok, I’m just gonna say it! I’m getting stir crazy! I neeed more room to spread out! But not in my home space….in my life. I have spent SO MUCH FREAKING TIME focused on what others think about my life, my choices, my looks, my identity – it’s madeContinue reading “More Room”


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