Identification is so important

The topic of identifying with others is very important to me. Its the reason why growing up I went to block buster searching for movies with two boys touching or holding hands. I felt so desperate to connect with other queer people. To this day I get excited when I learn someone is LGBTQ!

In order to get sober and live a life of recovery, I needed to identify with other alcoholics. Being friends with other sober alcoholics has been so crucial to my recovery. Getting to know queer alcoholics also just as crucial!

Now I am eating plant based in America’s Dairyland! I again need to identify with other vegans! Luckily my bestie (That’s you girl!) Is a big Ole queer veggie monster. I am finding that I need to listen to vegan podcast to stay connected. I love eating plant based and the past week and a half I am feeling so much happier and healthier! But it can be hard when you feel like the world is eating all the cheese!

I don’t write this because I want to make everyone vegan (I mean maybe!) LOL everyone’s food lifestyle is personal to them. I have discovered these are the foods that make me the happiest! I am feeling so thrilled to be cooking plant based from whole foods and I do not want to lose this momentum! So I’m gonna keep up the podcasts and keep looking for my queer, sober alcoholic veganos lol

Peace, Love and Shim Sham

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