Counting My Lucky Stars

Hello beautiful world and Mama Shim Sham!

I had a post all ready to go – and it didn’t save! So I’m going to attempt to recreate it in a much more succinct way.

Yesterday, my partner Jay and I managed to get appointments for our covid vaccine in a couple of weeks! And I am so excited and grateful that I could cry (and probably will, more than once.)

This past year has been so scary for all of us, and it has thrown into the light a lot of issues that we all knew were there on some level – and now can no longer ignore. We are seeing so many historical events playing out, and we will have to continue to meet them when they happen.

On a personal level, I could not be more happy about the level of love and support I feel in my life. This past year was full of twists and turns for me, and I had a handful of major transformations that brought new life to my existence. Coming out and living more authentically has allowed me to take charge of certain things in my life, and that feeling of autonomy is so important to me.

I am making career shifts that are going to ultimately serve me positively, and getting vaccinated is going to allow me to explore those options more fully and in a hands on sort of way. I am creating in ways I never felt that I was allowed to create before – and am hopeful that I will be able to continue that as this year (and the coming years) progress.

I am discovering more connections between my mental/emotional, spiritual and physical health and have been working on letting go of patterns of thought and behavior that no longer serve me positively (if ever they did)

Now is a time of transition to something more beautiful – and I want to stay connected. I am hoping to dig back into my more activist leanings and get back out to serve my community as the world opens up (and fully vaccinated I will be safer to do so with masks and social distancing)

I am counting my lucky stars and thanking the universe for all of the beauty I have been gifted with, even amongst the darkness I have experienced. There is beauty in all of it, and I am so excited to see what comes next.

Be well
❤ Kay Jay

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