Leaving Room for REST

Hello all! Mama Shim Sham and all you beautiful souls!

I’m a gal on the go – a queer who needs to move quick – someone who rarely takes the time to STOP.

And that’s what I’m working on right now.

I have started up a whole new set of weekly videos on my personal channel – I have a video that I make for our blog weekly. I’m adapting my solo album into a musical and writing new music – I’m learning new pedagogical techniques for teaching music.

I have a lot that I’m exploring right now.

I’m working on myself. I’m digging deep into the past and letting the ugliness come up – even when it hurts.

I know that I am headed for major burnout if I don’t take some time to RELAX.

So that’s what I want to make sure I include into my day to day. A little break.

And also a little break for myself if one of my many juggling pieces falls to the ground. I can pick it back up – I can ask for help. I can just let it fall and get to it later.

But I don’t need to let it cause a downward spiral.

But it also COULD.

That’s the risk I’m taking being a freelancer and focusing on creating my own livelihood and job opportunities. I have a lot that I need to explore and continue to learn.

And doing that will be easier if I take some time to REST. To BREATHE.

I will be better at taking stock of things. I will have a clearer mind to be able to function when things get tough. I’ll have more energy to get things done.

I’ll feel like myself more of the time.

So that’s what February is about. Being my usual productive self, with just a touch more time to RELAX.

Because baby steps.

❤ Kay Jay

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