Happy February!

So I am trying to get reinvigorated for to push myself. I want to lose some weight and feel good and I feel like February is the perfect month for that! So I’m setting a 28 day challenge for myself!!

I want to get 20 minutes of steady activity every day, whether that’s a workout or walking or whatever! Monday through Friday I want to wake up every day at 6:30. I want to meal prep every Saturday. Im finding on Sundays im feeling rushed, so if I make my goal to meal prep on Saturday, I can finish on Sunday with what I do not get to!

1. Wake up at 6:30

2. 20 minutes of activity a day

3. Saturday meal prep

4. Stay whole foods plant based

5. Keep striving to live spiritually and remember that you can take a moment if you are stressed, take a moment and regroup!

Love you!

-Shim Sham

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