Self Care Vs Self Sabbotage


So, I easily fall into the trap of allowing myself a night of bad food, extra tv and staying up late in the name of “this is what I need right now”.

Maybe some nights that is what I need, but I need to start viewing this differently. I want to practice self care by indulging in good food still, but healthy food that I know is going to fuel me for tomorrow. Not food that is going to drag me down and make me feel sluggish.

I want to practice some self care by treating myself to an early bed time rather than staying up late. I am making progress!

Yesterday I meal prepped and this morning I worked out before work! I feel tired today but I know the more I do this my energy level will rise. Im feeling motivated to keep eating healthy and im ready to start feeling better!

Peace and Love,

-Shim Sham

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