Trying to stay Optimistic

So this month has been the worst month of the pandemic for me…so far. I don’t know if its the length of time we’ve been in it, starting a new job, dark winter days or if its the insurrection, but this month has been a lot.

Yet I am trying every day to get on track and set myself up for success as much as I can.

But good news this week, we are getting a new president! The last 4 years have been nothing but this country going backwards and it had definitely weighed heavily on me, and all of us. I am scared for this week because of the right wing nut jobs threatening more violence, but I will be relieved after Wednesday.

We need a change so bad and I’m hopeful that after Wednesday we will see some serious changes in regards to COVID 19, police brutality and all the other issues surrounding this country.

So, although I am fearful for this week , I also am hopeful! I will continue to work on my goals and hopefully this week will end on a good note!

Peace and Love,

-Shim Sham

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