Last week of 2020

So, this is not going to be a long post reviewing 2020, maybe next week.

Right now I am going to celebrate my win today. I meal prepped yesterday and today stuck to a healthy diet. Thats amazing! I feel better, and I am so glad I did it.

This is the proof. This is the pudding! I need to meal prep to be successful during the week, and I’ve developed a strategy in my head.

Each week I will bulk cook a pasta dish full of veggies and beans. Then each week I will have salad ingredients at the ready and also have frozen veggies available. They are so easy to pop in the microwave and throw on some mustard or hot sauce or spice.

Then I will also bulk cook a soup or stew in the insta pot. That way I can cook the pasta dish on the stove and the other one in the instapot and have two meals going at once. If I do this thats my meals for the week!

I will expand on this but for now this plan I think will help me. I will make sure I eat veggies at every meal and during the day I can snack on fruit or veggies.

I am going to finish 2020 feeling good.

I still need help getting exercise and sleep, but this is a process.

If you have any advice let me know and let’s finish 2020 feeling good!

Peace and Love,

Shim Sham

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