Merry Christmas!

So, I wanted to title this post merry Christmas because this year more than most, I feel almost no excitement over the holidays. 2020 has been a shitty no good terrible year. I have had a lot of experiences this year and not all of them bad. I need to focus on the good and stay positive because this December has felt dark and depressing. This month I have strayed so far from my wellness goals and I feel sluggish, fat and sad. Not every day and not every moment but its been a rough month.

But I am going to keep going! I am going to keep setting goals cause I know that I will accomplish them. Its been a rough month, we all have rough patches. Some things are going great. I am employed, I have a house, I have family and friends and I have stayed sober this entire year. I have a lot to be proud of and I will always keep fighting, keep going and never give up.

Love you so much and Merry Christmas,

-Shim Sham

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