Something New

Good morning all you lovely people! Today will be a little different – sort of a shameless self promo, but also a little more of my story told through my creative outlets.

6 years ago, just before Thanksgiving, my life changed forever when my then partner of 5 years told me he didn’t love me anymore and began our separation and ultimately our divorce.

The following years were difficult and full of financial hardship. (Caused by poor, young-minded judgement and to be completely honest his financial manipulation)

It took so long to put my life back together and to determine what was mine and what I could leave behind. This piece is my best attempt at telling how that story started to end and a new story has finally begun.

Below is the video for the song “Something New.” This is the finale piece to my new album, “Well, This is Something New”. I hope you enjoy this piece – it’s deeply personal and holds a great deal of cathartic pain that was I have spent years trying to claw out of me. Finally, I feel like I have let it go with less of a bang, and more of a sigh and a whisper.

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