Self Love

By Shim Sham

“I openly embrace a feeling of self-love. I love myself because I understand myself. I love myself as the most committed partner I will ever have. I show myself love any way that I can, and when I screw up I remember to be sweet and gentle with myself.”

I love that quote but I do not practice it! I struggle with this one. Also lately, after starting a new job in a brand new setting I am finding myself full of fear and self doubt a lot. It is a problem! Not because it isn’t ok to be timid in new situations, but because I feel like it is holding me back.

So something else I want to work on this month is loving myself, and owning my shit. Own that I am new but do not apologize for it! I also want to love myself where I am at. I am at the heaviest weight I have ever been and it doesn’t feel great, but I don’t need to hate myself for it. This is obviously the weight I needed to be at this time in my life. This weight is teaching me things and I am learning about myself everyday. I do not want to hate or loath myself, but be proud of myself of where I’ve been and where I am going.

This is extremely hard but like anything, I think self love it a muscle that we need to exercise and I am going to try to practice this every day.

Peace, Love and Shim Sham.

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