By Shim Sham

“I speak with gentleness, and I listen with gentleness. I align with the gentlest part of myself, and I take joy in being receptive, open and unafraid.”

I really like that quote specifically the last part. I am trying to be less agitated and be more open. Open to everything! One thing in particular is being open to what my mind, body and the universe is telling me.

I have been feeling extremely exhausted lately and it finally hit me that a huge part of this is emotional and psychological exhaustion. The state of the COVID situation here in Wisconsin is the worst it has ever been and even though Biden/Harris won, which is amazing, so many people voted for the other candidate and that is really scary to me.

And my psychological exhaustion comes from I am starting a new job which is a lot of learning plus I am taking a course in college. On top of it all I am trying to make some big changes in my life! I need to be gentle to myself. Being gentle does not mean giving up on my goals, but it means take a step back and breathe. I am trying to change my life for good and make it last so that means when things are difficult, acknowledge that it is difficult.

Yesterday I did this and today I feel a little bit lighter. I also finally tackled my kitchen which makes me feel so much better! So my goals are coming together slowly but surely. I also purchased the “Forks Over Knives” cook book and I am so excited to start cooking some recipes from there! Most of them are really easy and they are all plant-based and healthy!

So even though I am taking a moment to acknowledge how everything has felt a little difficult lately, it also is all possible and it IS all coming together.

Love you Kay Jay and anyone else taking this journey with us!

-Peace, Love, and Shim Sham

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