Kay Jay Vacay Time (and 30 DAY CHALLENGE)

Good morning mama Shim Sham, and world!

Today, I woke up cautiously optimistic about what is to come with this election and I have chosen to put down the election results for the remainder of the day and focus on my mental wellness. Fingers crossed we will not have a mess on our hands tomorrow.

But on to the topic at hand: The November 30 Day Challenge has begun!

Here are my goals for the month:

**30 Days of Yoga:

A Youtube yoga instructor I follow does great 30 day yoga playlists occasionally, and I am doing her “True” list. My hope here is to recenter, have better meditations, and reconnect with my body.


I am continuing my commitment to not drinking alcohol (45 days, baybay!) and that means that I have replaced my alcohol with bubbly, sparkly water. (I love it so much!) I have gotten into the habit of drinking 6 + of these cans a day (and using my soda stream) which means that not only am I utilizing a lot of tin cans (not very environmentally friendly) but I am not hydrating with straight up water the way I know my body is craving. So I am recommitting to hydration. That also means less coffee – I have been overdoing it on that as well with my replacement of alcohol. If I want a little boost, I’m planning to switch to black or green tea past 1 PM.


When I stop drinking alcohol, I start craving sugar in ways I normally don’t. (This is what alcohol essentially becomes in the body when it gets broken down, so this makes sense. There’s a lot of science behind that which I will let SHIM SHAM take the lead on….but that’s how I understand it.). So I ate a lot of Halloween candy this past month. Sweetarts, Bottlecaps, etc. But they give me stomach aches and headaches, so I am planning to be more mindful of when and how much sugar I eat. Not restrictively, just more mindfulness.

**Large Projects:

Some of you who know me are aware that I am usually working on a large something or other in my life. A degree, a show, a project. Currently, it is a full album of music to be released later this month. And it is the last large project I am working on for the remainder of the year. I have filled my time with commitments since High School to escape (my home life, my dysfunctional marriage, the state of the world) and it can be a great comfort and coping skill. But I need to find ways to live in that anxiety and discomfort and start dealing with it. (My therapist and I are on that together) So I am committing for the rest of the year – no MAJOR projects. I can find the balance of being productively restful and that is where I want to focus.

So there you have it. 30 days of new beginnings. The new year has begun (Happy Samhain last weekend) and I am ready to seek new horizons and new states of being.


❤ Kay Jay

One thought on “Kay Jay Vacay Time (and 30 DAY CHALLENGE)

  1. You on vaycay girl! I love your goals! I also love that you got to go on vacation, you definitely deserve it! Hopefully soon we can go on one together!


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