November 30 Day Challenge!

By Shim Sham

“When it gets to be too much, whatever it is, I close my eyes and return to my center. In my center, I have the wisdom and tranquility of a cat, holding an amulet, floating through space on a couch.”

We are doing a 30 day challenge! First, how did my 6 day challenge end? It was definitely an improvement. I followed my goals for the most part with some cheating on Halloween, but I will forgive myself for because it was Halloween and I did great the rest of the week. So I am keeping those same 4 goals, but adding a few, so here they all are:

  1. Make my bed everyday
  2. Exercise daily. On rest days still get 10,000 steps in. A rest day doesn’t mean don’t move all day!
  3. Add resistance/weight training to my weekly routine 3 days/week
  4. No LAPTOP IN THE BEDROOM! I did cheat on this least week a little bit and when the computer is in my room, my sleep is worse! I cannot let it be in my room. If I am too tired to be in the living room, I need to GO TO BED!
  5. Eat nutritious foods focusing on fiber and vegetables! This month I want to focus on at every meal make half of my plate veggies! This is going to be a great way to get nutrients, fiber and fill up on veggies before other foods!
  6. Go to bed every night with a clean sink. I hate doing dishes, but when I let them pile up then I can’t cook and when I can’t cook, I can’t make healthy meals!
  7. Last Goal for the 30 day challenge! Twice a week clean my house for 20 minutes. This is very doable and easy. I always let the chores get away from me and then have to do a big 8 hour cleaning day once a month. If I can make light cleaning a part of my weekly routine, my house will feel more manageable!

There it is! It may look daunting but remember 4 of the goals I have already been doing for a week. So I am just adding 3 more!

Is anyone else joining us for the 30 day challenge! Please join! It will help me! Make a set of your own goals that pertain to your life and what you want to work on. Then post it here and we can check in with each other!

Thanks so much! Love you all! Peace and Love.

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