Let’s End October Feeling Great!

By Shim Sham

“If you could have anything you wanted, what would it be? Get Specific, and get greedy. You are holding a magic wand, and you can conjure up anything. Could it be that when you declare your wishes out loud you’re actually casting a spell for your dreams to come true? Or is it just that, in a very practical sense, the more folks there are who know what you want and might have the means to help you make them happen? Either way, stop waiting and start manifesting! (But don’t use that word if you don’t want to”

I really like that quote, I got it from a card of “Affirmators!” that my friend gave me! It states exactly why I am doing this blog/vlog. I want to put out there in the world what I want and I want to make that happen. Thank you to everyone who has read this or watched a video and commented! Your comments mean the world to me and truly motivate and inspire me to keep going! Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you in return whether that means read your blog/vlog or whatever!

So I am ending October feeling better than when I came into it with a 6 day challenge! I am going to:

  1. Workout/get movement every morning before work.
  2. Go to sleep at a decent hour aiming to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. And NO LAPTOP COMPUTER IN THE BEDROOM! I am addicted to laying in bed and watching netflix, so hear me world I am NOT LETTING THE LAPTOP IN THE BEDROOM! If I am too tired to sit up to watch TV, GO TO BED SHIM SHAM!
  3. Eat foods that are nutritious and full of fiber!
  4. Make your bed every morning!

These are my goals for my 6 day challenge! I am choosing 6 days because that is what is left in October! Please cheer me on and I will cheer you on!

Love you!

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