Just Breathe

By Shim Sham

“In this moment, I take a step back and look at myself with the pride of a good mother. I see an abundance of abilities and talents that show up all the time in big and little ways. If I could stick myself on a refrigerator, I would. I would invite all the neighbors over and say, ‘Look at that. Can you believe what an A+ that is?'”

Something I want to do more in my life in meditation. I do not know a ton about it, but I have participated in many meditation exercises. During this year, being more isolated from people has definitely increased my feelings of anxiety and depression. Coupling that with the current political climate, I feel very helpless over outcomes in the world, and I want to try and meditate more as a way to cope with those feelings. I want to be more purposeful about it, so today I am sharing a goal with you, I want to do at least 5 minutes of meditation every day. I think that is a very simple and easy goal to start out with. Help hold me accountable!

I am posting a video of a meditation I have done and I do enjoy it. I have taken my blood pressure before and after this meditation and it does lower, quite significantly. The lower blood pressure doesn’t sustain itself throughout the day, but I think if I intentionally do a breathing exercise like this before bed every night, it will help me relax and hopefully sleep better.

What meditations do you do? Are you consistent with the way you meditate and how did you accomplish that? I would appreciate any and all help!

2 thoughts on “Just Breathe

  1. I am in the same boat, my anxiety and depression got real bad earlier this year, and I’m still recovering from it. One of the recommendations I got was meditation, and I tried both Calm and Headspace for Android and both were helpful, though I liked Headspace more, especially for just starting out. I’ve found the deep, slow breathing exercises don’t really do much for me, I prefer to focus on breathing or other ambient noise, which the apps are pretty good at guiding (I also find that if I do it without a guided audio thing, I tend to have trouble keeping it going).

    Since the anxiety has generally gone down since I started, I haven’t been doing it consistently (though I know I should), but I find the general technique to also be useful when trying to fall asleep and can’t get my mind to stop wandering. In the past when I’ve tried to start new habits, the trick that worked the best for me was to pair the new habit up with something that was already a habit. So pairing it up with brushing my teeth in the morning or evening, or when I make my morning tea, something I like that I do every day already. Or setting a reminder/alarm on my phone to remind me to do it at a certain time.

    This is the first time I’ve really seriously attempted to manage my anxiety, so I’m still learning and find new tricks as I go. I’m open to talking if you ever want to!


    1. Junko, that is such amazing advice, seriously I am just so happy you shared that with me! I am gonna check out headspace and also pairing it with another habit is such a good idea! I love you and thank you for sharing that with us!

      -Shim Sham


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