Welcome to Our Wellness Journey!

By Shim Sham

“I am exactly where I need to be, exactly when I need to be.”

Thank you for checking out our wellness blog! I am Shim Sham and I use any and all pronouns said with love. Kay Jay and I have been on a journey to wellness our whole lives. Always working toward improving our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and we both decided that we need to kick it up a notch and that is where our blog comes in!

I thought if I started writing things down and people could actually read them and check in with me, it would create some accountability. So Kay Jay and I will be posting periodically. We both have different wellness goals and we are both in different places, but ultimately we just want to improve our health and share that with you.

So, back to me. 2020 has been a beast in so many ways and so I am physically and emotionally not in a great place. I am at the heaviest weight I have ever been. I am on two medications to help me control my blood pressure, and my blood pressure still lives in the 140’s/80’s range even on medication. I wake up and toss and turn in the night and never feel fully rested.

I switched to a plant based diet in December of 2019 and I lost 30 pounds in a month and I felt great! Then, the stresses of being a nurse, working on my bachelors degree and also trying to maintain personal relationships got to me and I gained it all back. I started being a “lazy vegan”, with many cheat days.

Spiritually and emotionally it has also been a tough year. The social distancing and lack of connection is never easy. Even though I call people, video chat and make sure I am socializing with someone everyday, I cannot help but still feel heightended anxiety and at least a low level of depression.

So here are my goals. I want to work out five days a week and starting putting food into my body that is going to make me feel good and help me reach all my goals. I want to start meditating and working on emotional wellness. I am a nurse and a nursing student, and I want to be able to bring energy and vitality into my studies and nursing practice. Currently, I wake up most days wanting to go right back to bed.

So please read our blog and help give me some accountability!

I am so excited to start this journey with you!

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